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Bob Mullen, B.S. & J.D., University of Wyoming, has been a practicing attorney for more than thirty years and a mediator and team facilitator since 1996. "Human conflict has always intrigued me and, after studying zoology and preparing to attend medical school, I decided instead to learn how to help people adjust their differences. The law has been a fine profession for me, but I found it sometimes to be too narrow an approach. Lawsuits may be better than gun fights at settling disputes, but they often fail to accommodate the intricacies of relationships. They are also unduly expensive and leave too few options for going forward. Improved communication and dialogue, as occurs in skillfully facilitated conversation, often offers distinct advantages."

Marilyn Mullen, B.A. & M.A.
is a Center for Nonviolent Communication Certified Trainer, teaches communication at Casper College, and has long been a student of interpersonal relations and communication.  Marilyn, who also trained for many years as a practitioner of Re-evaluation Counseling (also known as Co-Counseling or Peer Counseling), regards her fifteen years working at a large university, four years at a state institution, and three years for a small manufacturer as important parts of her education.  "To me it is tragic how often well-meaning people—whether in families, churches, workplaces, or other organizations—miss out on the personal and professional connection good communication can make possible."

Collectively we have mediated and facilitated hundreds of disputes. These disputes have ranged in context from workplace and business partnership issues, family difficulties, disagreements within various kinds of communities, issues among public officials, problems arising within educational settings, and more.


“Mediation doesn’t begin with right and wrong. It takes you into your opponents’ world. Once you really see things from that side, everything opens up.”        - Educator

“We wish we’d come to mediation with you earlier. Communication, or rather miscommunication, has been at the root of our difficulties for many years.”      - Business Manager

“Lawyers are disadvantaged when they can’t see beyond their client’s perspective.  Mediation opens up the possibilities.”                  - Attorney

“I never would have believed this rapport between those two board members was possible. This transforms us. “ 
                - Church Member

“Things went pretty well once the light bulb of working to minimize the impact of our divorce on our children came on for both parents. “                 - S.S.
“If we follow through with what you’ve done with our staff, we can actually look forward to coming to work, and become the high functioning agency our clients need us to be.” 
 - Executive Director, Government Agency

“I came to mediation a skeptic. Then it occurred to me: why wait to talk about settlement until I’m on the courthouse steps, ready to go in to trial, having spent thousands of dollars?”         - T.H.

“Even parties who don’t settle in mediation come to trial with a different attitude toward one another which simplifies things and makes for more workable post-divorce relationship.”
- District Court Judge

"it was very helpful to work with a man and woman together, in that you pick up on different things."                - Divorce Client

"You are a great resource and helped turn things around for our staff."                   - District Manager, Adult Probation & Parole
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