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Are there people at work or in your community to whom you'd like to say something? Is there creativity you'd like to tap? Would you like your partner to do more of some things, and less of others? Is a family member making choices you worry about? Would you like options beyond arguing or shutting down?

Time and opportunity are precious. People work, people worry, and we wonder: why can't we just get along, without rehashing or reinforcing painful patterns? You have good intentions and perhaps wish you could avoid conflict altogether. You may be hesitant to begin a difficult conversation, worrying that it might spin away from your original intent.

Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. Disagreement and the tension of conflict are part of life, and we can't always walk away from it. Whether the problem is in our family, at our job, or woven into our organization, sometimes a fresh approach can greatly strengthen our relationships.
"I am the way I am."  Really? Most of us do have tendencies in relation to conflict, and we may believe those tendencies are set in stone. We may be frustrated, feeling we're rarely heard or understood and thus simply withdraw. Or we may express our frustrations and later regret having done so. In either case, the underlying conflict often persists or even escalates, leading to an even greater drain on our time, energy, and emotions.

Communication can improve. 
Whether and how we work with conflict is a choice, and past patterns need not dictate present responses. Skills to constructively engage in conflict can be developed and honed. There are benefits to be harvested, and tension - rather than being a source of suffering - can be energizing and productively channeled.

Consider letting us help you explore a different option: working constructively with conflict.
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